College Journey Part Five: Transition and International Education

Once I figured out I was going to attend Walla Walla University in the fall, I had less than two weeks to figure everything out.

I told only a few friends, wanting to surprise the rest by my showing up on campus, and began the process of signing up for classes.

My friends were happy to see me on campus, and several people I knew from high school were puzzled by my appearance on campus. Once they all learned I was attending classes, they realized I had transferred.

I was unsure about how I felt for the first few weeks, but soon grew to like it. I made new friends, and I enjoyed my new major, Strategic Communications. Don’t worry though, I still decided to get a photography minor.

About half way through the quarter, I made a meeting with the registrar to see if it would be possible for me to go to England for two quarters.

After a few hours of juggling classes and transferred credits, we came to the conclusion that I would not be able to go to school in England. I was crushed, and it took several days to process the fact that my dream of traveling abroad for school was not going to become a reality.

My friends were very supportive, but none of them could really help me since they didn’t fully understand what I was experiencing. It was a really hard week for me, and I had to lean on Christopher, who was then just my best friend, a lot.

He helped distract me by watching movies with me and talking to me about things like cars and making sure I was around other people. I was really thankful for his help.

So that settled it. I was staying at WWU for the rest of my college years.

What kind of trouble would I get up to? Would I make new friends? Would I ever get another chance to study abroad?

Those questions swirled around in my mind for the remainder of fall quarter, and soon, winter was approaching. What was next for me?


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